About Us

For Fans. For Artists. For The First Time.

Hi, I’m Lane. Some of you might know me as Saint Lane. I’m a recording artist who over the last decade has toured with some of my favourite musicians including Lime Cordiale, Earl Sweatshirt, J.I.D., Rick Ross, Dune Rats, 360, Brother Ali, Tech N9ne & Tkay Maidza to name a few. I’ve released multiple projects with various record labels all to different degrees of commercial success. I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few music awards along the way too. My life as an artist has essentially been the ultimate music lover experience.

As a fan of music one of my favourite things in the world is spending time with an artist I love in the studio. I’ve spent hours in the room watching artists like Bliss n Eso, Baker Boy, Ninajirachi, Kota Banks, Jai Waetford & Bootleg Rascal bring songs to life. When an artist is making a record, so many wonderful songs are left unreleased because of a decision made by a record label. A record label is a business and it is their job to sell a product, the product being an artist’s songs. Due to streaming services paying around $0.0033 per stream, record labels are searching for a song that matches a streaming service algorithm over a work of art. I’ve heard hundreds of masterpiece songs that will forever sit on a harddrive simply because they don’t tick certain boxes for a label to take the financial risk of releasing them.

This is where Silent Song Auction comes in. We are a platform for artists to launch their unreleased songs to one fan at a time. As a fan, you will be the only person in the world to own this art, an exclusive never-before-heard moment in your favourite artist’ discography. Hear what would have made your favourite album or what could have been a number one hit if streaming editorial and algorithms didn’t dictate the music market.

This is a platform for music lovers created by music lovers.